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Building a Case in Your Divorce

Posted by Bruce Galloway | Aug 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

We love the idea of uncontested divorce as it means both partners are in agreement about everything. This includes property, assets, child custody, and all the other important components that must be decided when a marriage ends. Unfortunately, contested divorces are quite common, and depending how contentious the parties are, may cause a tremendous amount of emotional and financial distress.

When you're fighting for your livelihood and future happiness, as well as the well-being and future happiness of any children involved, it's crucial that you select the right legal counsel. They will help you with building a case in your divorce to get to the other side of your divorce.

Bruce Galloway is a veteran jury trial lawyer. He worked in felony criminal defense. He learned how to put cases together in a demanding field. He will take the time other attorneys to build your case for the best possible result.

building a divorce case

Building a Case in Your Divorce

If your divorce is contested, there are obviously points of contention that you have with your spouse. For every argument you have, physical evidence will help your legal team shape the narrative presented in court. Physical evidence can include photos and videos, documents like receipts, invoices, or emails, and other things along these lines.

child custody divorce

Child Custody

Contested divorces that involve children can be especially sensitive, particularly if there is an accusation of physical or emotional abuse that leads to a protection order. If a protection order is needed against your spouse, gather as much evidence as possible to support the claim in the event they try to have it invalidated. If, on the other hand, a protection order is issued against you by your spouse, you will want ample evidence to prove the allegations are false.

If protection orders aren't involved, you will still want to present as much evidence as possible. This will support why your proposed custody arrangement is in the children's best interest, as well as your own. Financial statements, work schedules, historical documents, and anything tangible evidence that can help strengthen your claim should be considered.

Vocational Evaluation

You know how you hear that no one wants to work anymore? Well, if you're divorcing someone who is physically capable of working but doesn't, for whatever reason or another, a vocational evaluation can help determine a number of factors. These include what their capabilities are based on their resume and previous work experience. As well as how many jobs are currently available that would provide a suitable income for alimony or child support.

This goes beyond collecting Help Wanted ads, as many job postings do not detail starting salary. Ergo, work may be available but not at a sustainable amount.

The outcome of a contested divorce will rely on the strength of building a case in your divorce and your legal team present. Make sure your divorce attorney has all the information they need in order to get the best possible settlement for you and your children. At Bruce Galloway Law Offices, we know what questions to ask to make sure nothing is overlooked in building the strongest case possible. Call our offices to schedule your consultation today.

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